Clay on Wheels - Mobile Pottery Programs

What is Clay on Wheels?

 Clay on Wheels is a program created by artist, Pam Church to create a compassionate, joyful environment for people of all physical abilities to experience new sensations and express themselves through art.  Everyone including those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Blindness are active participants.

 Pam uses a mobile potter’s wheel that she positions next to people seated in chairs or wheelchairs.  

Participants may throw on the wheel, hand-build, decorate or just become mesmerized by watching someone creating on the wheel.

Pam tailors each session to the participant(s), incorporating laughter, story, guided visualizations or silent focus.  

Pam completes the pottery and returns the final pieces that are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.


Just imagine your loved one experiencing 

the sensation of cool, smooth, wet clay 

tickling their fingertips 

or the thrill of using their own hands 

to transform a lump of clay into something beautiful…   



Program Descriptions:

Clay on Wheels offers four basic programs tailored to meet your organization’s needs:

· Group Sessions

· One-on-One Sessions

· Family Sessions

· Staff Appreciation

Group Sessions


·  1-2 hr sessions

· Group sizes from 4-15  (ideal size of 6) 

· Approximately 4-6 people can try the wheel in one  hour.

· Individual pieces and group projects are completed in one or over a series of sessions.


One-on-One Sessions


     · 15-30 minute sessions

     · One-on-one with staff identified participant

     · Tailored to the individual in the moment



     Family Sessions

        · 2 hr sessions

        · 2-3 families of up to 4 individuals participate together

· Family projects are  made on the wheel and decorated in one session.

· Family receives final clay piece and framed photo from the session


Staff Appreciation

      · 1-2 hr sessions

     · Groups of staff work individually or in teams

     · Great reward for hard-working staff

     · Projects completed in one session.

What People Are Saying:

Staff Members say:

“Pam’s enthusiasm is contagious. The Residents have so much fun throwing clay with her.   The Residents always look forward to seeing her again.”  Bonnie Hughes C.N.A.

“Pam involves each and every Resident in her pottery groups regardless of their abilities, in a loving, sincere and nurturing way.  Her work at the Alzheimer’s Resource Center has inspired many of our Residents to further explore their artistic abilities with meaningful and dignified expression.” Kim Gray R.N.


Come See What They've Made! 

Come have a look at some of the finished individual and group projects in our Clay on Wheels Gallery section! 

About The Artist 

Pam Church, founder of Clay on Wheels, is a ceramic artist and teacher from Watertown CT.  In 2009, Pam was invited to help Alzheimer’s residents make pots on the pottery wheel and her life was permanently transformed.  Since that day, Pam has taken her wheel to numerous assisted living and skilled nursing facilities across Connecticut, with a special love for the Alzheimer’s community.  Prior to 2009, Pam worked as an electrical engineer for over 17 years, earned her M.A.  in Spiritual Psychology, and supported families as a social worker. She started pursuing her career in art in 2007. 

 For more details on all programs, tailored programs for your organization, and program rates, please contact Pam at .

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Participants say:

“Clay is good for your hands.”

“It’s a fun thing to do, it’s exciting.  When you first feel the clay, it’s not what you expected.  It’s exciting once you get going.  The end results are great!”

“Fantastic operator - she knows her business.  Don’t worry, you can do it – she’s there with you.”

“I’ve never been happier in my life.  People are great.  Doing pottery is wonderful!”

"There's something magical about it that makes you want to do it."

After a Family Session, a son reports, “It was a wonderful evening. Mom talked about it all the way back to the unit and over and over again to the staff!”

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